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Wires Begone!

I’m one of those people who needs to have a clean, clear work surface or else I can’t concentrate.  (Good excuse for not working, isn’t it?)

Even though the weather is fantastic, I decided to straighten up my work area so that I don’t wind up having my work spill into other areas of the house.  Also, I just bought a new MacBook Pro, so it was time to retire my large (but still very useful) desktop model.

My desire to find the perfect place on my work top for my new laptop started a whole chain reaction because I have wires all over the place, as well as a battery back-up the size of an old Buick, which my feet hit every time I sit down.  The massive clean-up took two hours to finish, but after unplugging, cleaning, filing, and otherwise asking myself, “Why do I have this five-year old memo?” I can now work on a clean, almost tech-free environment.  Tech-free, as far as all the wires are concerned.

Now my eight-foot long workspace can be efficiently used for both working on my online courses, as well as working on my blogs and other types of writing. All I need to do is clean out my file cabinet with years of lecture notes in it.  Working on that should take me to the fall semester.


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