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Any Twittering Professors Out There?

No papers to grade.  No emails to answer. It must be time to start thinking about the upcoming fall semester.  Sorry can’t help myself.  Anyway, after teaching exclusively online for years, I’ll be teaching a literature class in the classroom.  (Uh,oh!)  The class meets for an hour three times a week, which means I need to “dress up.”  That in itself is a horror, but I’m not sure how I’ll be able to deal with interacting with live people instead of computer people.

One thing I thought I might try this semester is using Twitter to remind students of due dates of assignments and any other little tidbits I’m bound to come up with, just to use the Twitter app on my iPhone.  Seriously, though, I could in fact use Twitter if I visit the ancient Greek collection at Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and find something pertinent to what we’re studying in class.  I could also quickly let students know if there’s a particular TV show to watch before the next class.  Another possibility for using Twitter might be to alert students of a current even and somehow connect that event to what we’re discussing in class.  Who knows, maybe someone will find Odysseus’s ship next semester!

The above are only a few possibilities, but I wonder if other professors find Twitter a valuable communication tool outside the classroom. If anyone has any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate a comment or two on this blog.

In the meantime, enjoy the summer!


2 Responses to “Any Twittering Professors Out There?”

  1. I’ve used Twitter in the classroom before – mostly for announcements. I plan to use it more this coming fall and to expand it’s use.


  2. I’m always afraid that when I find some sort of new technology to use that I almost force ways to use that technology, but I guess only trying Twitter for a semester will see whether it’s useful or not.

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