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Students and Their Computers

I’m really just asking a question in this post to get a sense of some of the potential problems students have in accessing course material.  Here’s some background…

I create all my online course lectures in iWeb, a very easy-to-use webpage design program that is bundled with iLife on my Mac.  For the past four years or so, my students haven’t had any difficulty viewing any of my lectures created in iWeb.  All of a sudden this semester (Spring 09), several students have emailed me about not being able to access the lecture pages at all or not being able to read any text on the iWeb page once it loads.

My suggestion to them has been to download Firefox as their web browser, and for the most part, those students have been able to access and view my lectures.

My question to other online professors who use iWeb out there is:

If you use iWeb, have any of your students had any difficulty either accessing or reading lecture pages created in iWeb?



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