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Amazon Introduces Kindle DX

The end-of-the semester college bookstore buy back is in full swing, as sleep deprived students line up to get some cash back for their expensive, back-breaking textbooks. What if students didn’t need to pay as much for a textbook and also not worry about lugging a textbook around campus?

Amazon’s answer is the $489 Kindle DX, introduced today (5/6/09) at New York City’s Pace University.

Three publishing companies, representing 60% of the textbook market,  have signed on to offer their textbooks on the Kindle DX reading device:

Six universities will launch Kindle DX pilot programs for their students in the upcoming Fall 2009 semester:

Amazon’s Kindle DX offers a 9.7″ display screen, instead of the 6″ screen on its recently introduced Kindle 2.  With over 275,000 titles available through, the 4 gigabyte, 18.9 ounce e-book makes it possible for users to store up to 3,500 books, magazines, newspapers, and other documents – including textbooks.

$489 is expensive, but with the cost of textbooks continuing to skyrocket, perhaps the Kindle DX will turn out to be a bargain.  Of course, that depends on how much Amazon and the three college textbook publishers decide to charge for downloading a textbook.

Right now, Amazon charges around $10 for a best seller that would sell for around $30 in a bookstore.  If textbook publishers charge a third of their usual prices for books, there might be some savings over the long haul.  And then, I wonder if Amazon will allow any buy backs at the end of a semester.


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